Which countries can I apply to without school transcripts?

I'm having some difficulty acquiring my school transcripts from my school. I've given my A-levels and I was wondering which countries/well-known universities I can apply to around the world that don't require the transcripts from grade 9-12, and I can apply with my A-level grades and perhaps SAT or IELTS or both. 

Asked by: Lubaba, 1 year ago


I am not familiar with any specific country that accepts students without transcripts. It is usually up to each school to decide what documents they require. So it depends on what and where you want to study. Well known universities often have stricter admission requirements since they tend to be high ranking and have a lot of applicants.

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Answered by: Johan from DreamStudiesAbroad.com, 2018-09-18 22:15:48 This is an accepted answer.

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