Is uk undergraduation valid?


Want to know is UK have four year or three year under graduation .If three years is it valied all over the world

Asked by: ch.usha kiron, 6 months ago


A Bachelor's Degree is usually three years in England, Wales and the rest of Europe. The same goes for Australia and many other countries. However, some engineering and science degrees take four years and double honours degrees take 3-5 years. There are also intensive programs that gives you a Bachelor's Degree in just two years.

Bachelor's Degrees from England, the EU and Australia are recognized worldwide. UK universities have high status so you don't have to worry about it being valid. However, if you want to continue on a Master program it is up to each school to decide which programs they accept in their admission requirements.

In Scotland and the US and a couple of other countries a Bachelor's Degree is four years long per default. In the US this is because university students have to take a core curriculum of general subjects which students usually don't do in the rest of the world.

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