how good does my japanese have to be for University?


I am thinking of learning Japanese in Japan with a view to going on to a Japanese University afterwards.

If I haven't studied Japanese before how good would my language skills need to be to be accepted on a Japanese taught degree?

Are there qualifications that a Japanese University would accept from a language school? What else would I need to do to get a place, e.g. an entrance exam?

Thank you

Asked by: Joseph, 3 months ago


It sounds like a good plan. The requirements can differ between different university, but to study in Japanese at a Japanese university you would need at least JLPT level N2 for Science and Engineering subjects and level N1 for studying humanities and similar subjects. Most schools would also require you to take EJU (the Japanese university exam). Most Japanese Language Schools can help you prepare for EJU and JLPT and apply for a Japanese University.

We can help you to find and apply toa suitable language school in Japan. Fill out our information request form if you want help.

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