I want to study abroad can you please help me?

I want to study in abroad.. am in Ghana,please I need help??

Asked by: Amina, 1 year ago


We get a lot of unspecific questions like this so let me make it clear once and for all what we can do and what we can't help you with:

Free information

On this website we provide a lot of free information to help you to arrange your studies abroad. Start by reading our checklist to study abroad and follow the resource links there. If you have any questions that are not already answered on the site you can post a question in our FAQ. We will only answer proper questions that follow our guidelines.

Help with application and school choice

We have partners who can help you with the application and school choice to almost all universities and colleges in the English speaking world as well as selected schools in other countries. Fill out our information request form if you want help. Please note that we can only help you if you have the money to pay for your course, see below.

We can not help you finance your studies abroad

You will always need money to study abroad. We are not a rich company we cannot pay for your studies abroad. It is extremely rare with full scholarships that cover both tuition fees and living costs, especially on undergraduate level. Therefore you will always need some savings to study abroad. Even if you get free tuition you will need money for living costs and to prove that you can support yourself in order to get a student visa.

Here are some resources that can help you out:

We will not answer any more questions on this topic. You can read more on how you can use this website on our page how does it work.

Answered by: Johan from DreamStudiesAbroad.com, 2018-10-11 11:24:28 This is an accepted answer.

We answer all questions here free of charge to the best of our ability at the time that the question was asked. However, conditions can change and mistakes can be made. We cannot in any way be held liable for an problems you might encounter based on our information on this website.

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